jinxed scratch

Dare to step behind the curtains and venture into the grotesque backstage of Carnival Jinx?

Crafted by the deranged mind of Jinx, New Orleans’ most-terrifying jester, these previously unseen corridors of terror are home to the most disturbing band of misfit carnies and clowns that ever walked the earth.

Each step through this backstage maze unearths chilling oddities and monstrous outcasts. Do you have the courage to explore what lies beyond the joy and jubilation?

Welcome to Jinxed, where bad luck is the least of your problems…


Recommended age: 14+

manor scratch
malkin manor

Step into Malkin Manor with world-famous vloggers of the unknown “The Haunt Hackers”.

This isn’t just a visit; it’s your ticket to witness history in the making! For one night only, The Haunt Hackers will be proving definitely that there is life after death..

Be there as their cameras, armed with the latest in spirit detection, seek to uncover the truth behind the Manor’s cursed legacy.

Will the shadows reveal themselves or will the Manor’s twisted tales come to light?

Dare to explore Malkin Manor.


Recommended age: 14+

blackmarket scratch

Enter the shadowy underbelly of BLACKMARKET.

A rave shrouded in secrets, where euphoria meets its end.

The derelict Harris & Sons Meat Processors isn’t just the hottest new rave venue – it’s a maze of terror, pulsing with the unseen horrors of human trade.

Joy turns to fear, dancers to victims, caught in a sinister cycle of capture and despair.

Will you dance through the danger, or is this your rave to the grave?

Recommended age: 16+ 

Please be aware, within BLACKMARKET  guests may be separated, restrained, and forcibly moved.

Adult themes feature in our attractions/scare mazes. Parental discretion is advised.

pumpkin image
pumpkin patch

Take a prowl around the pumpkin patch…

you never know who you might MEAT!


Entry into the pumpkin patch is included with all entry tickets.

Pumpkins available to purchase – additional cost.

Recommended age: 14+

Food and Drink Available
Screams Arena

Our SCREAMS Arena has live entertainment, roaming characters, rides, a fully licensed bar, and our street food truck serving delicious home-cooked food. Don’t forget to take a prowl around our pumpkin patch – you never who you may MEAT!

Entertainment is at intervals. Rides are an additional cost. Food and drink are not included with your ticket price and can be purchased separately. 





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Fire Breather
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